Nov 16, 2010

Great Mobile Blogging platforms

The web services that we use today are evolving as we speak. They are becoming more multi functional and multi faceted especially when it comes to social media and networking. 

The debate is free flowing when it comes to demarcating what is and what isn’t part of a particular segment of the market. For instance, content and marketing have seen so many twists in the tale that it is no longer clear where blogging begins and as to where the networking finishes.

Softwares and utilities for the mobile interface have grown to become power assets in fulfilling a variety of tasks. A good example is the plethora of items which can be found in the App Store by Apple. With each passing day the iPhone and iPod touch supplies for download are increasing. Here we enlist and review some of the devices which are good for mobile blogging.

In the blogging space there are many which offer robust frameworks, invigorating designs and templates and are free for use. Some of the popular ones across the blogging sphere which boast of huge users include WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Tumblr and Live Spaces amongst many others. But only two out of these have official and native applications for iPod/ iPhone. There are WordPress and TypePad.

WordPress took the plunge after TypePad made itself at home in the mobile blogging scene. Both the mobile blogging platforms have garnered good reviews as of now. Both the platforms help in editing the blogs, posting and uploading photos. TypePad offers support for English as well as French.

The Micro blogging scene on the mobile platform is more expansive and intriguing. iTunes offers Twitterific, Twittelator and Twinkle for people who can’t do without tweeting. Twitterific is reliable and pleasant. There is a browser within the application which can be beneficial for those who frequently click on the URLs posted by their friends. The webpage loads in the inbuilt browser and once you have seen the webpage you can close the screen and continue tweeting. There is no need to toggle between two applications with twitterific.

Twinkle on the other hand is designed keeping aesthetics in mind. The application also adds a location feature so that you can converse with the users of a specific area. The application however crashes routinely. An update however is on the way to fix this.

Nov 15, 2010

Understanding your website’s bounce rate

With the social media sharing and smart SEO many users are landing directly on the blog posts and the product pages. Businesses therefore need to work on these first impressions at every entry point to their website to stop the user from reaching the back button. The two terms of exit rates and bounce rates at many times tend to give rise to confusion.

Bounce rate is used to describe the visitor percentage that visit a page but do not visit any other page in the site. It is used to measure and understand how effective the landing page is. The bounce rate is also connected to advertising campaigns and SEO. In some cases the page might be designed to provide the visitor with information and nothing else. In such cases the bounce rate will not be relevant.

website’s bounce rate

Exit rate is the term used to describe the visitor percentage that leaves the website from a specific page. This percentage helps gauge the performance of particular pages of a website. A page which has a high bounce rate means it is making a bad initial impression on the visitors. As per expert web analytics anything less than 30% of bounce rate is good while a bounce rate over 60% indicates a problem.

Google Analytics is a great tool to keep a tab on the traffic statistics for your site. There is a section in the tool known as benchmarking which allows people to compare their website’s bounce rate with other sites in similar category and having same size. The statistics for the bounce rate of a website can vary depending upon the type of pages and sites you are measuring.

A blog which offers all the contents on the same page itself will have a higher bounce rate of visitors. Generally blogs have an average bounce rate of 80%. This and other statistics like the time visitors spend on the site and the quantity of comments will help understand the performance of the blog. Best standard however is measuring the bounce rate of the individual over the time parameter.

Nov 9, 2010

Employee, Brand and the Social Media

For many organizations, companies and their brand managers the actions of their employees on the internet social sphere remains an untamed and daunting frontier. When employees are allowed to the new social web through the means of individual stories and internal messaging the company’s brand can be communicated successfully to the consumer.

There has been an increase in monitoring and strict policies for the social media behavior of the employees. This is due to the tales of caution from the early days of the social media which arose due to mixed and poor communication and stories that of indiscretion.

But slowly the businesses have woken up to the lost opportunities and the new avenues. Some of the perceptive brands have made changes to their ‘internal position’ on the activities of the employees on the webs social network. Many of the organizations have moved beyond the firings due to a Facebook ‘faux pas’. They are now actively involved in ways for the employees to make use of the social medium for personal as well as professional reasons.

There has been a huge change in attitude following the potential of the social media coming into the open. Brands are increasingly becoming proactive while encouraging the employees to express themselves, share opinions and thoughts while involving the brand. This change is positive and good news for the companies as well as the power of the internet in our lives.

We at Rikhav Infotech help in empowering your brand by successfully merging your online assets and the social media to keep you updated with the times.

Nov 7, 2010

Clearing the air on HTML5

In Previous post I wrote about HTML5 Changes. You might have enjoyed last post about how HTML5 has changed the webpage look.

HTML5 has clearly got the whole webosphere a buzz with confusion and discussions. A lot of hype also surrounds this new entrant in town. To put things in perspective HTML5 is the evolved version of the HTML which will aim to make web development and designing simpler and easier.

It offers a new array of functions which were earlier only possible with the help of plugins. These functions will help create rich interactivity for applications and websites across many screens. HTML5 is also gaining momentum in the tablet and smart phone development due to usage of the WebKit in the mobile devices.

While HTML5 is being worked upon yet there are a variety of ways in which users can make use of the new elements of the new face of HTML. Developers can make use of the new Header and Footer by making classes with same name and connecting them to divs in a page. The new elements of HTML5 can be used with the combination of CSS and JavaScript to make sure they are compatible with old browsers.

Web developers can make use of the forms of HTML 5 with the new element known as input. Developers should first expand their skills of technology their already know. Understanding the new functions of CSS3 is a good place to start. Watching out for the various Frameworks for JavaScript that are coming up is a good practice. One should also follow the developments through the means of the many blogs. and are among some of the guides available on the ’net to update you on html5. Browser support is the crucial factor this time around so developers should keep in their minds the platform that they are developing for.

Nov 3, 2010

Wishing one and all a rocking Diwali!

A Youtube Presence is a must for your business

With this video portal emerging as the next best thing, everyone seems to be tuned in. It is the season of the viral videos with social media adding to the power of YouTube. Nowadays a YouTube presence for any brand is an essential medium to tap into.

These videos are an important part of search engine listings makes them that much more necessary. Every video that is uploaded on Youtube is indexed and tagged by the search engines.

While people do not like pure commercials there are many individuals who will be interested in what you are selling. People like anything that is entertaining or informative. So videos of your product depicting how to select them for particular needs, fixing them or using them and their special features will find an audience.

One can even share their expertise beyond their products and connect and build a good following. Sharing the knowledge in your business sphere will also help attract like minded individuals.

For example if you’re a web developer you can showcase the various websites you have developed and take the audience on a virtual tour of what goes into the making of any website. One can even share expert tips on creating a website and sharing the latest technology updates and changes in web development.

Some creative thinking will definitely help in coming up with some interesting ideas for a regular or semi-regular series of videos for the YouTube audience. A great example of using videos to sell products is of which made dollar sixty million during the last year. And it didn’t even make use of the Youtube power which speaks volumes that videos have arrived in the Search Engine scene.

Nov 1, 2010

HTML 5 - Notable changes in Markup Language

A lot of hype, talk and confusion have surrounded this latest version of the web technology which is touted to turn the internet on its head. There are many of us who would want to take advantage of this revolutionary model of HTML but don’t know how? Here’s what to expect of the new HTML 5.

While HTML is still years away from being approved for the web some features such as the viedo and HTML 5 canvas are supported by modern versions of the browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox and more. These changes spell grave news for companies such as Adobe whose Flash platform will face stiff competition.

 Audio and video: these new elements will allow pages to play videos without the support of an external media player. These new elements will be able to playback, preload, provide volume control and loop.

Canvas: an exciting addition which will allow developers to manipulate graphics and design which nowadays is only possible using Flash which is an external plugin.

Data Grid: this will help display grids with the help of the new html. It will end the need for a third party control, dynamic html and the table element to create data grids.

More interface control, Drag and Drop: enhancements such as drag and drop will make for easy implementation like in the case of tooltips. The menu element has been revived and will be linked to the command element which will aid in performing tasks.

Enhanced structure: this will the most important development to the web designers as new elements such as header, footer, nav, article and sectin will add to the old tags of CSS and div. these structure tags will help the browser identify sections of a page.

Database support and Offline storage: HTML 5 supports sophisticated interfaces and great graphics. It also supports data manipulation to maintain a fine balance. It provides offline storage support. HTML 5 is trying to standardize the web SQL databases to allow sites to manipulate and create a database on client computers.

Oct 29, 2010

Do you have the passport to branding?

Awareness is at the core of a great brand. Your passport to great branding online lies in the social media and the social networks. To have presence on some of the major social media sites such as facebook and twitter is a good investment in terms of time and effort. Twitter is an unparalleled social media site where one can build an audience of followers.

Twitter is also ideal for networking and keeping a tab on what others in your niche are up to. Its helps connect with readers as well as clients. One can always listen to what is being said about oneself and respond appropriately. Engaging and interacting with others helps build up audience. Facebook and MySpace are other social medium giants on the internet waiting to give you the much needed exposure.

Other mediums are photo sharing websites such as Flickr. For uploading videos keep a youtube account. Once the videos are uploaded you can share them on your blogs and websites. Social book marking sites such as and are great for voting. You can bookmark your posts at these websites and share with your friends and associates. Another good social book marking site is

Multimedia sharing and socializing with the netizens is the way in which one can spread the word on a good brand. A word press account gives more power to your brand value. The benefit of is the opened benefits. For personal branding linkedin can be useful. Ultimately is highly recommended for its capacity as a reader, docs, calendar and many more.

Oct 27, 2010

Live Journal growing stronger through the times

It was one of the free blogging platforms to first emerge on the scene. Live Journal was introduced by Brad Fitzpatrick of Danga Interactive in April of 1999. During the initial years this blogging community was accessible by invitation only but was later on available to one and all.

In the days before facebook Fitzpatrick used Live Journal to keep in touch with his old friends from high school. It started out as a fun project. It became very big for the likes of one person and soon the potential of Live Journal was realized and a team of engineers was promptly hired.

This blog community is refreshing and innovative. The website boasts of nearly 31.3 million communities and journals of users far and wide. And its network of journals receives hundred thousands of post every day. It seems to be growing only stronger in the changing times of the web.

The site is well tuned with the social media. You can log in to LJ using a twitter account. One can even repost their tweets (public) automatically here. LJ even has a mobile version which can be visited at While Fitzpatrick continued working on the website in 2005 the website’s owner Danga Interactive was bought by Six Apart. The ownership of the website in 2007 again changed hands now to a Russian firm known as SUP. SUP even established the Live Journal Inc to look after the website.

Oct 25, 2010

Blogging with the world’s first online diary

The world’s favorite Microsoft Word dictionary continues to draw a red line under the words blogger and blog. But these words are the keys to many lives and businesses in the web world. They have been going strong since their debut in 2003.

The history of blogging is quite lengthy. The time of its start was unlike anything today. Then plaid was the style, a rock idol had passed away and internet was showing sparks of a revolution on the college campuses. As early as 1994 saw a college student by the name of Justin Hall start an online diary called Justin’s Links from Underground. Three years later this pioneer blogger gave the world the term weblog. And Peter Merholz later coined the term blog from it.

And today the web is abuzz with millions of bloggers who write on everything under the sun. Open diary was a first in forming a community of online journal keepers. It was founded by Bruce Ableson in 1998. Here the users could reach other people’s write ups and even comment on the posts. The website has five million accounts and counting. Currently half of a million diares are being written on this community.

Oct 20, 2010

The Common Wealth Games In India rocked!

India kept its promise by putting up a spirited show and performance. The opening ceremony was surreal with giant aerostat balloon keeping the audience thrilled. The people of Delhi went berserk in cheering for the athletes. The home advantage and dedication worked as the country zoomed to a never before second position rank with 38 gold medals. Australia was unmatched in its sporting abilities while England occupied the third position. 

With the inspiration of the games and the performance of our athletes we are certain to see more such instances. Rikhav Infotech salutes our athletes and those of the world.

Some moments from Commonwealth Games 2010:

Shera (lion) - the mascot of the 2010 Commonwealth Games, New Delhi

Indian sports stars Sania Mirza and Kapil Dev walk during Queen's Baton relay ceremony at London. The ceremony starts the countdown to the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi. PTI Photo
India wins two Gold in Shooting on the second day of the III Commonwealth Youth Games
India wins two gold in shooting on the second day of  the III commonwealth

Oct 18, 2010

Our Founder wins the entrepreneur of the week award

The journey of our founder, Ritesh A. Sarvaiya found yet another fan following among the guys at On the website they have covered a complete feature length interview as they awarded Ritesh the entrepreneur of the week award.

Mr. Ritesh Sarvaiya founder & CMD at Rikhav Infotech

Ours is integrated web solution’s company which has more then three hundred foreign clients to our credit. But that is not what makes us a champion, the company’s dedication to do something out of the box and innovative has helped it stay ahead of competition.

In the interview Ritesh recounts how the company that started with a team of eight members has metamorphosed into a 150 plus employee family. Read more about our prized employer’s journey from Mumbai to New York.

Oct 15, 2010

Witness the excitement of Navratri and Dussehra at Rikhav Infotech

Employees dressing up in traditional and colorful glitter strewn attires and the beat of the navrati music will welcome you to Rikhav Infotech. Be part of the positivity and culture as we celebrate the auspicious occasion of Dussehra on 16th of October. We cultivate and recognize talent here in our organization whatever field it might be in. Keeping this in mind our dear employee Vareeja Thakkar will help us get close to real music as she plays her mandolin. Come celebrate the victory of good over the evil.

Oct 14, 2010

What happens when twitter fails?

Yes you need to be prepared for this. Twitter most of the times is very efficient and synonymous to its name the twittering activity never stops be it day or night. But at times this giant of a social medium goes over its maximum capacity. At this sad point in time all interaction comes to a stand still. One will not be able to read any tweets or publish any tweets.

When this happens the users are redirected to a page which displays a graphic image of a whale. This image was designed by graphic artist Yiving Lu. The users now refer to this image as the ‘fail whale’. Similar tactics are used by other international social mediums. This includes orkut which is a rage in countries like Brazil, Russia and India. When the traffic to orkut server breaches the limits the users are redirected to a page which reads no brownies for you. Such issues are usually rectified within minutes and you should be back to tweeting to your hearts content. As they say the buzz never dies!

You may like to read also latest trends at Twitter.

Oct 12, 2010

How to get a top 30 ranking in the Search Engines?

All the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, bing and MSN are where the major battles of the web are fought. It’s here that some websites are crowned kings while others bite the dust. When users search for information similar to the website hosted by you, being a top 30 website increases the visitor traffic to your site. This can translate into more revenue and sponsors.

Users look for quick information and usually one of the top thirty search results are able to satisfy them. So if you are not one of the top searches it reduces your visibility on the web scene which affects business. A plan of action is decided after reviewing the current ranking for the website which includes preparing a list of keywords and checking the strategies of the competitors.

The ‘key’ words

Our experts can very well ensure that in a short span of time your website will rank among the top thirty listings of search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc when you enlist our services. To optimize your web site for the search engines we will derive an expansive list of keywords which the target audience can make use of. These keywords would be centered on the information provided by you and will decide the traffic and the fate of your website.

A link to the world

Based on a variety of factors and the regulations of the search engines we will decide on a strategy which will be aimed at optimizing the website for the search engine. We provide great internet marketing in the form of link building. We connect your website with various others and the relevant web directories all over the web to drive traffic and visitors to your site. This helps achieve a superior ranking on the Google search engine.

For a successful optimization and Google ranking many reasons can come to play. The time taken to achieve results depends upon the current state of the website, competition and rivals and the niche. A website can be successfully optimized to be a top ranking site and can take three to ten months time.

Our promise

We are professionalism personified with monthly statistics to note the improvement and magnitude of traffic to the website. These statistics helps understand the visitor’s interest in the website and the ranking of the website by the search engines. Give your website wings to soar to the top of the search engine ranks with Rikhav Infotech to guide you there. Come see the difference.

Oct 10, 2010

Driving traffic with Social Bookmarking

The social websites such as facebook, twitter and orkut amongst many many others see no end to their dominance as they drive the world’s traffic. And its potential is slowly seeing a revolution in way business collaborates with the web.

One of the many outcomes is social bookmarking. Search engines are getting better and better in reading the minds of the users to provide them with well suited information. But the searches are many a times loaded with pesky adverts and useless sites. And sometimes the finding needed website is like searching a needle in a hay stack.

The new trend in the social media network is sharing websites and links with your friends. And all it takes is a click of a button. Take for example the hugely popular facebook. Many of the websites give you an option ‘like next to their content and blog posts. You simply click ‘like’ and the content is shared with all your friends. And if your friends like it they click ‘like’ and share it with their bunch of pals.

By this way of social bookmarking a popular post can easily make its way across half the world in lightning speed. We understand the potential of the social media and you would see that all our blogs and websites are engineered to the tune of the social media networks and search engines. The popularity of a blog and its garnered traffic is judged by the social media yardstick. So do want huge facebook fans and hoards of twitter followers come to Rikhav Infotech.

Oct 8, 2010

Are you following the latest trends at Twitter?

We have enough proof to say how social media is revolutionizing the web experience. Latest news also confirms the same as it reports that the average youth spends five to six hours a day on the internet. Twitter is at the core of this social media revolution with everyone finding an outlet to their emotions and daily babbling and banter.

Popular trends are one of the latest inclusions to the twitter fanfare. It is a great addition, which can display the entire buzz by someone popular at that moment. Like the presidential election speeches by president Obama generated a lot of buzz on the internet and on twitter. Hence similar subjects of wide spread discussion will show up as a popular trend which can be again tracked by many. This makes getting news and information which is the current rage globally.

But on the downside it has opened up new avenues and tactics in spamming. People with the hopes of making their discussion and articles part of the popular trends on twitter take interest in bombarding the twitter arena with their spam tweets. So this gives rise to a lot of non-popular and false trends in the popular list. Rikhav Infotech believes in fair usage of the social media as good content what ever the odds will bring in readers from far and wide while our optimizers leave no stone unturned in getting our websites to you.

Oct 7, 2010

Helping create stunning Logos

A logo is not just a doodle with a tag line but it is a mark of how a brand is recognized the world over. A logo is at the core of branding. It is how the common public recognizes a brand. A great logo manages to captivate the audience and creates an emotional bond. Rikhav Infotech in its logo designing endeavors aims to create an ideal representation of a company’s values, ethics and culture.

We design and develop a logo keeping the philosophy of the company topmost in our heads. Circumspection of the company’s core values, aims, goals and ethics helps us design a logo which beckons praises and attention.

Rikhav Infotech harbors a competent team of creative developers and graphic designers who are well versed with designing the effectual logo. Experience is required to create a stimulating and engaging logo. Our dedicated team of designers works on a single and specific project at a time. Chances of a boring or mundane design are a rarity. The resultant design is the effort of a team of several heads. We believe is quick work so we create simplistic, easy to remember and unique logos which do not take long to create.

Check the wide array of websites and businesses which proudly bear our custom designed logos with élan and pride. Come add value to your brand and join hands with the market leader, Rikhav Infotech!

Oct 4, 2010

Online Reputation Management fights negative publicity on the ’net

The internet brings new ways of marketing and publicity for a product. And what it also unexpectedly garners is bad publicity and a negative image. Imagine what effect it would have on the sales of a company when bad reviews and malicious news crops up in the search engines. It would reduce years of toil and hard work to null.

We at Rikhav Infotech realized this and indigenously designed and created a concept which would help the companies around the world in protecting their image from being tarnished. This concept is known as Online Reputation Management (ORM). It is sure to catch on like fire. The ORM makes use of public relations and marketing along with marketing of the search engine.

Today for finding the right type of website people make use of search engines such as Google and Bing. Google is like a supermarket when you can find products. And websites are like different sections such as groceries or cold storage which cater to a specific product type.

Nowadays calling up a friend for advice or asking your parent for a health tip is a rarity with everything available on the internet. And these search engines help a website in getting an audience. And as mentioned they are also driving the people away due to bad customer feedback or negative campaign by a rival company.

Everyone wants to be in the top ten rankings of the search engines. Ultimate goals of any successful brand are high rankings and visibility. Our strategies help in pushing the garnered bad publicity down the search engine rankings and out of the public eye. Statistics prove that the common public hardly ever views more than two pages of the keyword results of the search engine.

With the ORM services Rikhav Infotech helps achieve and ensure high listings and indexing in search engines for all corporate communications and positive web sites for our clients. This helps develop a positive and healthy web presence for the company and the product. ORM helps in attaining top positions of the listings of the search engines. Through the means of our services you can maintain the reputation of your brand in the global web sphere. This also helps create online assets. These online assets make you more actively involved in the web and with your consumer. These assets are controlled and owned by your brand.

The online assets include corporate sites, sister sites and even micro sites. A blog for your company which encourages employees to talk about their experiences in the company is a crucial online asset. These blogs also help the consumer get acquainted to proceedings of the company and give the company much needed exposure and connectivity. Blogs help spread positive word and also connect with prospective employees.

Corporate communications are also important online assets for a company. They can include case studies, press releases, testimonials, articles, white papers etc. Today social media is king and drives majority of the traffic on the web. Brand presence on networking sites such as facebook, orkut, twitter are perfect to enhance and spread the goodwill and name of the company. Partner sites help with good web presence and publicity. These sites can include brand ties ups such as product retailers, suppliers and distributors amongst others.

A decent web presence is the need of the hour with the mud slinging at an all time high in the webosphere. Rikhav Infotech helps protect your reputation.

Sep 28, 2010

Online Reputation Management - Rikhav Infotech

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

Download This Presentation 

Sep 13, 2010

The social media bandwagon

Being constantly visible and constantly engaging your target audience(s) seems to be the in thing to do these days and all the cool kids seem to be doing it. By kids we obviously mean businesses, and by businesses we mean specifically your business. What’s that? You’re not really sure you’ve optimized your social media management for maximum damage (figuratively speaking, of course)? Well then, what are you waiting on, an invitation or Christmas? Every company and their employee is fast jumping on to the social media bandwagon and if you don’t do so anytime soon you’ll be left running behind said bandwagon while asking the bandwagon to wait up, but by then it’ll be too late. Your competitors will have stolen a march on you and they’ll be pointing and laughing at you while riding off into the distance on said bandwagon.

Scary situation, isn’t it?

But it need not be that way. As always, there is a knight to be found in pristine, freshly polished and oiled armor and if you’ve missed the social media bandwagon, climb aboard our trusty steed and we’ll help you catch up with and pass the madding crowd. Who are we? Why, that’s an excellent question. We are Rikhav Infotech and we are one of India’s fastest growing young IT companies, and our battery of social media optimization options will help your business pick up the gauntlet and engage your audiences as you always should have. No need to thank us and shed tears of happiness, our tariffs are quite reasonable although a job well done is (almost) reward in itself. What we offer are a slew of social media tools for you to power your business with. Keep your audiences engaged and in the loop and your business will stand to benefit from it. Our services include:

•    Corporate Blog Management
•    Micro-blogging
•    Social networking 
•    Social bookmarking
•    Social news
•    Video-sharing
•    Photo-sharing
•    Wikis
•    Document sharing
•    Chronicling events

We are Rikhav Infotech, and we are your knights in shining armor.

Sep 12, 2010

Winning momentum

Amazing is as amazing does, and your brand can be truly amazing if you really want it to be. You read that right, the only constraint to your having an amazing brand is the fact that you haven’t really pulled out all the stops to make your brand topmost in the mind of the consumer, simple as. Every brand that has ever hit the big time needed to be pushed with a whole lot of verve and gusto before it started to snowball and gain momentum on its own, its name winning over customers who in turn win over other customers.

Call it the Domino effect or call it winning momentum, but it’s all a question of building up a head of steam after which you will be impossible to derail. At Rikhav Infotech, we will help you fully realize the latent potential of your brand by guiding you along the way to corporate success and heightened brand recognition. Our battery of services includes:

• Planning corporate identity
• Logo designing
Product branding
• Brochure designing and
• Catalog designing

By hiring our services, you are bringing on board a dedicated team of world class professionals that are part of one of India’s fastest growing young IT companies. Our desire to perform (and outperform) will have a natural trickle down effect on to your brand as well and the benefits of this (quite obviously). Behind every start turn is its own supporting cast and we can be the yin to your yang, the spice to your sugar, the Robin to your Batman (but we save the day in our way, mind). Our services can catapult your business to the next level and it is only up to you to get in touch with us one way or another. At Rikhav Infotech, we’re wholly dedicated to being the catalyst for your growth; we only hope you’re every bit as committed as we are.

Sep 9, 2010

Driven towards success

Ego surfing is a wonderful thing, and there’s nothing quite as wonderful as entering a world filled with joy and happiness when you enter your own name into Google and you find a whole string of results related to your name. Sweet, sweet joy! So why is it then that you choose to ignore your business and its well being when you don’t quit do the kind of Search Engine Optimization efforts you might need to to ensure that your website is high up the list of results for keywords related to your business? The art and thinking behind Search Engine Optimization is quite simple; search engines trawl through keywords and links on your website and the better the quality of these links and keywords the higher up the list you go.

This can potentially involve advanced techniques such as link building among others but the common thing to all of them is that you plant your website high up the list using techniques that will eventually drive an increased amount of traffic to your website. In fact, search engines comprise of almost 85% of all traffic directed to websites, and yours is no different. You need to be able to embed your website high up the rankings of any business and that would mean hiring experts to do the job for you, because a half-assed job would result in half-boiled eggs. And no one in their right mind truly likes half boiled eggs a whole lot.

The avoid the same issues some find with half boiled eggs, get in touch with us. We are Rikhav Infotech and we can help take your business website to a whole new level of recognition and view ability that your scarcely believed possible. Our solutions include:

•    Search Engine Optimization
•    Web Content Writing
•    Link Wheel
•    Keyword Analysis & Research
•    Search Engine Submissions
•    Directory & Social Bookmarking Submissions

Our team of dedicated SEO professionals will plant your business result high up the pages of popular search engines and help drive traffic to your business time and time again. Come have a word with us over at Rikhav Infotech and we’ll help propel your business onwards and upwards.

Designs do matter

We’ve all been there at some point or the other; we look at a website and we go “wow, that design would create a vacuum if it sucked any more. I can design a better site!” Now while the second half of that statement might or might not be true, the first half of that statement certainly does hold true. There are still websites out there, believe it or not, that are stuck in the stone ages (read ’90s) when it comes to website design. No, we refuse to name and shame such websites but Google is your friend; just search for something like “horrible websites” and be ready to be stunned and repulsed as you peruse some of the most hideous website designs.

Laugh if you will at these websites, but websites such as these are no laughing matter. They say that the first impression is the last impression, and this is true of you in person (yes, you really need to get rid of that 2 week old stubble, it doesn’t make you look more manly) and is also true of your digital self.

After seeing a website “boasting” a psychedelic background and funky animations that seem frivolous, to say the least, what are the odds of you going back to said company to do business? Not much, we’d assume, and that’s being kind, which is why you need a professional to handle the designing or the redesign of your website. Rikhav Infotech is one of India’s fastest growing young IT companies and offers you the sort of website design you need to stay contemporary. We can make a number of websites for you, including:

Static Websites
Ecommerce Websites
Flash Websites 
Website Redesigning
Website Maintenance

So talk to us today and find out how we can help you maximize the impact of your home on the web.

Sep 8, 2010

Idea ideation

Your clients expect it of you; your investors need it from you; and you need it more than you might ever know you do. We are talking about the expression of an idea. From the channels of your mind onto a sheet of paper, computer design or full-blown presentation, putting your idea across just right is the key to success and the final hurdle. Failing to cross this will mean that your chances of success are greatly diminished and that conversely failure might be about to gleefully greet you with open arms.

Imagine if Hitler hadn’t managed to convince the German population of his ideas.

Imagine if Apple hadn’t thought of the iPod at a time when music players were an unknown commodity.

Imagine if Muhammad Ali hadn’t been crazy to believe in the idea that he was the best.

Imagine if Gandhi didn’t believe in the power of non-violence.

An idea is all it takes to change your life, and an idea is all it takes to spark your business into life and at every step of the way, Rikhav Infotech is there to help you put across your ideas in the best way possible. The beauty of all communication lies in its ease of understanding and its memorability, and Rikhav Infotech will always look to keep these two principles at the center of everything while creating a design or project to suit your needs. Our services include (but are not limited to):
•    2-D animation
•    3-D animation
•    Walkthroughs
•    Multimedia presentations

No matter what you’re thinking of, no matter what you’ve got on your mind, we can help you put it across in a manner that sees it resonate and connect with your target audience, even if that is no one else other than just yourself (in the case of a sketched or computer generated walkthrough). No idea is too small or too impossible for Rikhav Infotech, so do talk to us about your multimedia needs and sit back as we come through for you.

Sep 7, 2010

A dream team of your own

"It is often asked why you should outsource your business needs when you can go local for the same purpose. The answer to this lies in the fact that the internet and telecom revolution seen by the world in the last few decades has thrown us open to a whole new world of possibilities. No longer do you need to toil away on those extra tasks that take you away from your core competencies and that which really needs your attention. Think of it as assembling a dream team of businessmen, each of them capable of bringing something unique to the table. That, in a large nutshell, is where Rikhav Infotech comes in.

We are Rikhav Infotech, and we offer a host of solutions that cater to your needs no matter where in the world you may be located. Our ideas help to power your business on to the next level, all the while keeping in mind your needs and tailoring solutions to fit them. One size does not fit all, and we recognize that your business has some unique requirements. It’s this core principle and stern dedication to quality that has helped us to grow as a team while assisting business partners the world over perform and outperform year in and year out. Our expertise does not lie in just the field of development, although we most certainly do pride ourselves in our knowledge of programming languages as PHP/My SQL, ASP.NET and Ajax and how to best implement all of this in a simple and effective web design.

No, our strength lies instead in our constant attention to detail and our belief that nothing is impossible. We constantly converse with our clients just so that we can have our finger on their pulse, for what use is all of our collective knowledge if our clients cannot see any significant and tangible benefits from it? Being cost-effective is just one part of the equation, what differentiates us is our willingness, nay, eagerness to go the extra mile. Allow us to make you feel special; get in touch with Rikhav Infotech today."