Apr 13, 2011

LinkedIn is now linked with stock exchange…soon to release their IPO

Those who have built their professional profiles in LinkedIn can now boast for being a part of a social media site that will be listed in stock exchange. Yes, it might sound overwhelmingly amazing, yet it is true that Linkedin is going to launch its IPO very soon. It is an official decision and not an April fool joke. The social media site has already submitted its formal paper for filing in SEC. Although much of the crucial details of IPO were left undisclosed yet LinkedIn shared loads of information about its new development.
LinkedIn revealed the maximum amount of money they are hoping to bring together through the release of their IPO. They are hoping to increase the amount further after the launching f IPO. The promising news comes from the underwriter of the LlinkedIn IPOs. The key underwriter of the IPO is Morgan Stanley & Co. Soon the underwriter will be joined by a few more biggies; Merrill Lynch, UBS Securities and Allen & Company. There was no such announcement of the target price and date of the IPO of LinkedIn. However, it is being predicted that the release of the IPO will occur before the year ending of 2011.
This news will make LinkedIn a trendsetter as being an online company and engaged in the business of social media networking it has been successful enough to list its name in the stock exchange. The news is also going to earn sufficient faith among the existing users of LinkedIn as they will be motivated for being a part of a listed company. This will make the people who are yet to be a part of LinkedIn get encouraged to joint he network soon.
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Mar 28, 2011

Trendrr will soon launch Whirlwind that will sweep all other apps released before

Trendrr is in a mission to create new tool for Python development. The gadget buffs might sprang up on this news and rush to a store nearby. The name of new set of tools has been coined according to its functions and more because it has been built off from the social media site Facebook; Tornado. The new tool sis advanced and has built by Mako templates and relies on the database technologies of NoSQL. 

Trendrr which is a social media analytic tool has created the new tool as a latest version of the business analytical tool for social media operations. On the launch of the new analytical tool Trendrr dev Matt Dennebaum has scribbled in his blog. His blog entry read that his team’s focus on their business development is subject to change over time and the recent tool was launched to offer speed which was not present in their earlier web stack. He further said that they have created this tool after much study and research on the data volume they deal with. He believes that the huge amount of data they deal with require a tool that cam offer them results in a real-time fashion. And they required a tool that will give speed to the function.

Aside from speed the new application also offers other facilities that are worth noting. Te tool Whirlwind offer middleware plugin, flash messaging, structured application templates, user authentication in role-based manner and also a rudimentary admin script that will help to make new applications.

The prime idea behind the creation of Whirlwind is that these tools will make the fast applications faster than before. And the team of Trendrr devs is going to broadcast their new launching in a brad limelight very soon. We can hope that the competitors of Trendrr will have a tough time very soon.

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Mar 23, 2011

LinkedIn to reach 1 million and counting more…

While most of the hype is enjoyed by Twitter and Facebook, there are other social media sites also which are growing with a speed unimaginably high. The recent news about LinkedIn which is a somewhat formal social networking website as opposed to microblogging site Twitter and Facebook, has been in News. LinkedIn has reached a milestone by having a total of 100 million users. Readers must take a note that the number is still counting high.

The company behind LinedIn was formed in December 2002 and the site was launched in May 2003. The social networking site didn’t take much time to accrue profit and the users also increased by number fairly son in LinkedIn. The site took almost 6 years to reach a total user volume of 50million. However, to double this number LinkedIn took just 18 months approximately. This statistics implies the cumulative growth of the social networking site after it reached 50 million users. The highly acceptable site of LinkedIn is by now possibly one of the most sought after networking sites. As per the statistics the site is adding a user every second presently.

The stunning facts about LinkedIn will make every eyes become wide open. LinkedIn, which is an American site, is experiencing the fastest international growth today. Almost 56 % of the users of the site reside outside United States. Among the users of LinkedIn, 1 million happens to be teachers, while 20% of the users belong to service sector and people of finance and high tech industry form the 9% each.

With the stupendous growth it is expected that it will surpass all the sites of its kind very soon 
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Mar 16, 2011

Iphone to experience a BIG sale with new Google apps

The new iphone interface launched but Google will be similar to that of the web application. Users will be offered additional features that can streamline their searches and they can save time on their searches as well. The fresh application has given options to search though pictures and hence have integrated quick access to apps like Google Googles and Voice search. 

This major update of features includes many additional apps but the most happening one is supposed to be the new search toolbar. This toolbar is very much similar to the left-side column that shows up in search result page of Google search. Users of iphone can now easily access shopping, news, blog, video, place and discussion search by using the new search toolbar. This toolbar is expected to be the dramatic update that gooogle has brought in its iphone app.

This new application is much more fast the previous app and this is another reason why this will be readily acceptable. It can be well inferred from this new feature update that people who need to stick to the internet almost all the time will be inclined towards the new feature. Integration of this feature in iphone is a sort of uplifting the device several cps higher in terms of its service. Naturally, it can be expected that sale of iphone will increase by several notches.
Needless to say, both the iphone vendors as well as Google are expected to see a growth in their business. While the people especially the individuals engaged in the corporate world are expected to make a shift in their preference of electronic gadgets. After all when so much of features a re available in a phone, why to carry laptops always?

In my opinion it will bring a revolution in the iphone manufacturing industry and this will be realized soon. 

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Mar 8, 2011

Web Apps to gather priceless ideas of customers

The old saying which simply coaxes a customer by saying the “customer is always right” doesn’t works today. But small business houses rely significantly on customer feedback. After all, listening to a customer’s preferences is nit actually coaxing; rather helps in shaping a business. But feed baack from customer can at time be hard to digest but they are priceless for a business.

Gathering customer feedback through comment cards and suggestion will leave you sort through heaps of papers. While electronic mails containing feedback forms produce disorganized data, tough to analyze and arrive at a conclusion.

Now web applications have been launched that will relieve you for the task of gathering this valuable customer information.

UserVoice has created a straight and simple form where customers can submit their vote or feedback. You can allow your customers to vote through a widget fixed on your website or on your forum page.

Get Satisfaction is an online community for user support. Here customers are allowed to create pages for a company of their choice. This gives a chance for companies to enter in this site can get increased exposure. A page similar to forums can be made in Get Satisfaction where customers can submit ideas, ask queries, and get support as well.

Feedbackify is a new website widget that allows business owner to ask specific questions to the web visitors. For example a visitor can be asked to rate a webpage design and navigability. However, unlike the former app here there is no scope for a user to submit idea. They can only submit crude from of feedback through ratings.

In case you have been wondering rating should be supported with focused questions then Kampyle will be your option. This app is just a complimentary of Feedbackify. While you can ask for rating in Feedbackify, Kampyle allows you to ask pointed questions. It has an added advantage as it attaches an analytic tool with it. The web app has integrated in it Google Analytics, Nedstate and Omniture that gives greater insight to business owners about customer responses.

OpinionLab offers a set of tools for collecting customer responses through mobiles, websites, social media, emails etc. Besides, OpinionLab also presents solutions for keep an eye on social media for feedback of your customers.

CrowdSound is somewhat similar to UserVoice. Customers can click on your website widget and offer their esteemed suggest or can vote.

Two more web apps IdeaScale and user Echo have been launches that helps small business owner gather responses of customers online.

IdeaScale, as the name suggests, allows gathering customer ideas. The most preferred idea, voted by all users, appears on the top and business owners can respond them easily. USerEcho on the other hand is a plain widget where customers can leave comments, votes or feedbacks as they prefer.
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Mar 3, 2011

The Return of the Classics – Typical PC Games are Now the New iPhone Apps

Numerous reasons make Apple’s iPhone to mark another golden age of electronic gaming, which was previously the possession of the desktop and laptop computers. From major software and gaming companies to just a few guys in the college final year project group, anyone and everyone gets a space in the open marketplace to create a dream game. This has resulted in a new innovative boom, unlike any of the other applications seen to have developed in the past 20 years. Yet, the first years of the golden age of gaming are still reminiscent, and numerous hands are in the air to relive that era. 5 of the most influential and greatest computer games, best of the classics, ever made are now available with the twist and touch of portability. These games have traveled from desktop to handsets. Yes, Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch handsets now have these bestseller games of their times playable on them. Let us have a look at them.

1.)  Doom Classic – This had once been the mother of all first- person shooting PC games. Just like an ion, it hasn’t left the desires of its initial players. Yet so powerful, that it got a web community for itself to get other devices than the PC to play it. Successfully and safely, today the Apple iPhone plays the Doom. You can own this game on your iPhone for just $6.99.

2.)   Myst – The ‘magnum opus’ of synergistic storytelling, the Myst, had left marks on the minds of its players unlike any other game of its time. The Apple iPhones have been victorious at capturing this game, as well, to play on their handsets. Full version of the game comes just for $4.99.

3.)  The Oregon Trail – This was one of the most educational game of its times. Yet it was successful to become the spirit of the generation. With graphics improved and many sub- or mini games included to play during the journey, The Oregon Trail has been capable of getting a thorough renovation to suit the Apple iPhones, and all this just for $2.99.

4.)  The Secret of Monkey Island – The funniest game of all times, the Secret of Monkey Island was a wonderful creation by the LucasArts Studio of adventure gaming. It is now in folds of the iPhone, with some modifications made to suit the players’ eyes. The redrawn version has been renamed to The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition and is available at just $7.99.

5.)  Prince of Persian Retro – Until the time this game was released, the potential of the PC for its platform jumping games wasn’t as recognized. Prince of Persia was of the genre that was console- dominated. Keeping its faith with the original version, the Prince of Persia game for Apple iPhones has been developed and available just for $0.99.

There are many such phenomenal games which could have been chosen to develop their iPhone versions, and quite a few of them, other than the ones specified above, but we chose the most popular ones to display in front of you.

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Feb 21, 2011

The power of friendship marketing should never be underestimated

Never underestimate the power of friendship marketing; someone once said that friends are the family that we choose for ourselves on this planet, and that might perhaps give you an idea of the potential friendship marketing holds for you. No matter what kind of business you run, using the trust of a customer to reach out to someone completely unknown is something only friendship marketing can do for you. Don’t mistake friendship marketing with making a Facebook page and trying to get tons of “friends” and signing up for Twitter looking to get “followers”. Friends never use one another, and that is the biggest strength of friendship marketing.

I have a friend whose blog I often read simply because his passion comes through so clearly in his writing. In turn, I simply share his posts on Facebook or Twitter whenever one of his messages resonates particularly strongly with me. Not for a moment did I think anything would come to me for tweeting or sharing his post, but I was getting thousands of visitors to my website and profile within days of doing so. And all because I had shared that post…now, I never saw that coming, but it did. That’s the power of friendship marketing. I’m beginning to notice that there is a distinct difference between those that choose to work around the clocks to simply network and those that work equally hard to make friends. I know which camp I’d rather be in.

Sometimes, you follow someone on Twitter in the hope of being followed in return, and sometimes you add someone on Facebook hoping that they’ll add you in return. That is not what I’m talking about here. Adding hash tags to let someone know that you follow back is not friendship, it’s purely professional. That is almost purely about the gains on offer an reciprocity (you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours). I am instead talking about building not connections to connect, but connections to people via honest to goodness conversations. It’s very difficult to build relationships 140 characters at a time, but it’s not impossible. Social media has a personal upside that has been ignored up until now, and those that take advantage of friendship will stand to gain the most.

Desc: Social media has a personal upside that has been ignored up until now, and those that take advantage of friendship will stand to gain the most.

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