Mar 28, 2011

Trendrr will soon launch Whirlwind that will sweep all other apps released before

Trendrr is in a mission to create new tool for Python development. The gadget buffs might sprang up on this news and rush to a store nearby. The name of new set of tools has been coined according to its functions and more because it has been built off from the social media site Facebook; Tornado. The new tool sis advanced and has built by Mako templates and relies on the database technologies of NoSQL. 

Trendrr which is a social media analytic tool has created the new tool as a latest version of the business analytical tool for social media operations. On the launch of the new analytical tool Trendrr dev Matt Dennebaum has scribbled in his blog. His blog entry read that his team’s focus on their business development is subject to change over time and the recent tool was launched to offer speed which was not present in their earlier web stack. He further said that they have created this tool after much study and research on the data volume they deal with. He believes that the huge amount of data they deal with require a tool that cam offer them results in a real-time fashion. And they required a tool that will give speed to the function.

Aside from speed the new application also offers other facilities that are worth noting. Te tool Whirlwind offer middleware plugin, flash messaging, structured application templates, user authentication in role-based manner and also a rudimentary admin script that will help to make new applications.

The prime idea behind the creation of Whirlwind is that these tools will make the fast applications faster than before. And the team of Trendrr devs is going to broadcast their new launching in a brad limelight very soon. We can hope that the competitors of Trendrr will have a tough time very soon.

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