Mar 23, 2011

LinkedIn to reach 1 million and counting more…

While most of the hype is enjoyed by Twitter and Facebook, there are other social media sites also which are growing with a speed unimaginably high. The recent news about LinkedIn which is a somewhat formal social networking website as opposed to microblogging site Twitter and Facebook, has been in News. LinkedIn has reached a milestone by having a total of 100 million users. Readers must take a note that the number is still counting high.

The company behind LinedIn was formed in December 2002 and the site was launched in May 2003. The social networking site didn’t take much time to accrue profit and the users also increased by number fairly son in LinkedIn. The site took almost 6 years to reach a total user volume of 50million. However, to double this number LinkedIn took just 18 months approximately. This statistics implies the cumulative growth of the social networking site after it reached 50 million users. The highly acceptable site of LinkedIn is by now possibly one of the most sought after networking sites. As per the statistics the site is adding a user every second presently.

The stunning facts about LinkedIn will make every eyes become wide open. LinkedIn, which is an American site, is experiencing the fastest international growth today. Almost 56 % of the users of the site reside outside United States. Among the users of LinkedIn, 1 million happens to be teachers, while 20% of the users belong to service sector and people of finance and high tech industry form the 9% each.

With the stupendous growth it is expected that it will surpass all the sites of its kind very soon 
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