Mar 16, 2011

Iphone to experience a BIG sale with new Google apps

The new iphone interface launched but Google will be similar to that of the web application. Users will be offered additional features that can streamline their searches and they can save time on their searches as well. The fresh application has given options to search though pictures and hence have integrated quick access to apps like Google Googles and Voice search. 

This major update of features includes many additional apps but the most happening one is supposed to be the new search toolbar. This toolbar is very much similar to the left-side column that shows up in search result page of Google search. Users of iphone can now easily access shopping, news, blog, video, place and discussion search by using the new search toolbar. This toolbar is expected to be the dramatic update that gooogle has brought in its iphone app.

This new application is much more fast the previous app and this is another reason why this will be readily acceptable. It can be well inferred from this new feature update that people who need to stick to the internet almost all the time will be inclined towards the new feature. Integration of this feature in iphone is a sort of uplifting the device several cps higher in terms of its service. Naturally, it can be expected that sale of iphone will increase by several notches.
Needless to say, both the iphone vendors as well as Google are expected to see a growth in their business. While the people especially the individuals engaged in the corporate world are expected to make a shift in their preference of electronic gadgets. After all when so much of features a re available in a phone, why to carry laptops always?

In my opinion it will bring a revolution in the iphone manufacturing industry and this will be realized soon. 

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