Jan 31, 2011

3D-Animation And Second Life – A Great Jump in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality … that’s the word of today; and the best example is 3D-Animation. With 3D-Animation, the entertainment world is gaining a high like never before. 3D movies, cartoons and games, 3D technology is like a gift to the world of amusement. Talking about games, the leader in 3D animated games is Second Life – an environment highly imaginative and creative. When one visits second life, it no more remains a game; it virtually becomes the second life. A fully textured and high resolution avatar based game - truly a wonder. With this game, common people are served with the opportunity to explore their creativity. The developer of this kind of a game, Linden Labs, has allowed, in an easy and interesting way, non gamers to build 3D graphics with this platform of Second Life

3D-Animation and Second Life together are a dream come true for the people who love interacting with other citizens of the world. It is like life given to online text chatting. The world of 3D and Second Life is so rich when taken to features and learning. People not only meet new characters but also expose, share, sell and buy creativity. Yes! They buy your creativity and you can sell it actively in real time. The great art gallery, Enaxia, in the Second Life environment is a virtually living example of these trades. Like a real art gallery, Enaxia also has works of art hanging on the walls. There is also an entertainment zone like a fair, full of riders and roller coasters. A Second Life beaver can enjoy all this and other space.

3D-Animation and Second Life provide a living example of a bizarre night’s dream and the atmosphere is so appealing towards art and creativity and the technological interventions. All this is done by building objects that are interactive in nature. This is done by using a simple scripting language (a kind of programming language), which is simple enough for non programmers to follow, and gradually they begin enjoying! This is a good strategy to increase the widespread participation of lifers in huge groups. Second Life has got ever changing and dynamic landscapes and sceneries that are visually stunning, with concept so suiting the social interests of human beings.

Jan 29, 2011

Rikhav InfoTech Success Story – The Secrets Revealed

The eve of 31st December, 2010 brought about a vibe for everyone at Rikhav Infotech, present at that moment. For those who missed it then, this is the time to gather the missed beans of his success story that the CMD, Mr. Ritesh Sarvaiya, had spilled. This is an article where the CMD will explain his journey from the time he seeded Rikhav InfoTech till now, that the seed has grown into a healthy plant and is among one of the biggest and growing companies in the IT and outsourcing industries. He also shares the success mantras that helped him to achieve such a novel name and fame. Come; let’s hear it from and for Ritesh.

Ritesh describes his foremost step of success as his co- workers and employees. He enrolls the name of his core team members and the agents who work for his company in the list of people to be thanked for supporting the vision he had way back when he started the company. Vision reminds me of the Rikhav InfoTech CMD talking about his vision, which he had in the year 2006. The man believes in having a vision towards the future success, channeled through wise planning, hard and smart work and dedication. Thirdly he describes the quality of being Different and trying to do things differently as a success mantra.

Setting a target for your own self, believing in yourself, the ability and courage to judge and take risks, being committed to your work in a truly professional manner, taking the challenging failures as stepping stones to success are all essential characters of the story which Ritesh Sarvaiya narrates to brief up his path of success to the world. He truly believes in the fact that Success is not Money, and sets a great example for all who weigh success in terms of currency. He thanks his futuristic approach, a priceless gift from the nature, for being a sole backup for his speechless success. Last but not the least; he thanks his Parents and God, who are the co- creators of his destiny and the success he has achieved today.