Apr 13, 2011

LinkedIn is now linked with stock exchange…soon to release their IPO

Those who have built their professional profiles in LinkedIn can now boast for being a part of a social media site that will be listed in stock exchange. Yes, it might sound overwhelmingly amazing, yet it is true that Linkedin is going to launch its IPO very soon. It is an official decision and not an April fool joke. The social media site has already submitted its formal paper for filing in SEC. Although much of the crucial details of IPO were left undisclosed yet LinkedIn shared loads of information about its new development.
LinkedIn revealed the maximum amount of money they are hoping to bring together through the release of their IPO. They are hoping to increase the amount further after the launching f IPO. The promising news comes from the underwriter of the LlinkedIn IPOs. The key underwriter of the IPO is Morgan Stanley & Co. Soon the underwriter will be joined by a few more biggies; Merrill Lynch, UBS Securities and Allen & Company. There was no such announcement of the target price and date of the IPO of LinkedIn. However, it is being predicted that the release of the IPO will occur before the year ending of 2011.
This news will make LinkedIn a trendsetter as being an online company and engaged in the business of social media networking it has been successful enough to list its name in the stock exchange. The news is also going to earn sufficient faith among the existing users of LinkedIn as they will be motivated for being a part of a listed company. This will make the people who are yet to be a part of LinkedIn get encouraged to joint he network soon.
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