Sep 28, 2010

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Sep 13, 2010

The social media bandwagon

Being constantly visible and constantly engaging your target audience(s) seems to be the in thing to do these days and all the cool kids seem to be doing it. By kids we obviously mean businesses, and by businesses we mean specifically your business. What’s that? You’re not really sure you’ve optimized your social media management for maximum damage (figuratively speaking, of course)? Well then, what are you waiting on, an invitation or Christmas? Every company and their employee is fast jumping on to the social media bandwagon and if you don’t do so anytime soon you’ll be left running behind said bandwagon while asking the bandwagon to wait up, but by then it’ll be too late. Your competitors will have stolen a march on you and they’ll be pointing and laughing at you while riding off into the distance on said bandwagon.

Scary situation, isn’t it?

But it need not be that way. As always, there is a knight to be found in pristine, freshly polished and oiled armor and if you’ve missed the social media bandwagon, climb aboard our trusty steed and we’ll help you catch up with and pass the madding crowd. Who are we? Why, that’s an excellent question. We are Rikhav Infotech and we are one of India’s fastest growing young IT companies, and our battery of social media optimization options will help your business pick up the gauntlet and engage your audiences as you always should have. No need to thank us and shed tears of happiness, our tariffs are quite reasonable although a job well done is (almost) reward in itself. What we offer are a slew of social media tools for you to power your business with. Keep your audiences engaged and in the loop and your business will stand to benefit from it. Our services include:

•    Corporate Blog Management
•    Micro-blogging
•    Social networking 
•    Social bookmarking
•    Social news
•    Video-sharing
•    Photo-sharing
•    Wikis
•    Document sharing
•    Chronicling events

We are Rikhav Infotech, and we are your knights in shining armor.

Sep 12, 2010

Winning momentum

Amazing is as amazing does, and your brand can be truly amazing if you really want it to be. You read that right, the only constraint to your having an amazing brand is the fact that you haven’t really pulled out all the stops to make your brand topmost in the mind of the consumer, simple as. Every brand that has ever hit the big time needed to be pushed with a whole lot of verve and gusto before it started to snowball and gain momentum on its own, its name winning over customers who in turn win over other customers.

Call it the Domino effect or call it winning momentum, but it’s all a question of building up a head of steam after which you will be impossible to derail. At Rikhav Infotech, we will help you fully realize the latent potential of your brand by guiding you along the way to corporate success and heightened brand recognition. Our battery of services includes:

• Planning corporate identity
• Logo designing
Product branding
• Brochure designing and
• Catalog designing

By hiring our services, you are bringing on board a dedicated team of world class professionals that are part of one of India’s fastest growing young IT companies. Our desire to perform (and outperform) will have a natural trickle down effect on to your brand as well and the benefits of this (quite obviously). Behind every start turn is its own supporting cast and we can be the yin to your yang, the spice to your sugar, the Robin to your Batman (but we save the day in our way, mind). Our services can catapult your business to the next level and it is only up to you to get in touch with us one way or another. At Rikhav Infotech, we’re wholly dedicated to being the catalyst for your growth; we only hope you’re every bit as committed as we are.

Sep 9, 2010

Driven towards success

Ego surfing is a wonderful thing, and there’s nothing quite as wonderful as entering a world filled with joy and happiness when you enter your own name into Google and you find a whole string of results related to your name. Sweet, sweet joy! So why is it then that you choose to ignore your business and its well being when you don’t quit do the kind of Search Engine Optimization efforts you might need to to ensure that your website is high up the list of results for keywords related to your business? The art and thinking behind Search Engine Optimization is quite simple; search engines trawl through keywords and links on your website and the better the quality of these links and keywords the higher up the list you go.

This can potentially involve advanced techniques such as link building among others but the common thing to all of them is that you plant your website high up the list using techniques that will eventually drive an increased amount of traffic to your website. In fact, search engines comprise of almost 85% of all traffic directed to websites, and yours is no different. You need to be able to embed your website high up the rankings of any business and that would mean hiring experts to do the job for you, because a half-assed job would result in half-boiled eggs. And no one in their right mind truly likes half boiled eggs a whole lot.

The avoid the same issues some find with half boiled eggs, get in touch with us. We are Rikhav Infotech and we can help take your business website to a whole new level of recognition and view ability that your scarcely believed possible. Our solutions include:

•    Search Engine Optimization
•    Web Content Writing
•    Link Wheel
•    Keyword Analysis & Research
•    Search Engine Submissions
•    Directory & Social Bookmarking Submissions

Our team of dedicated SEO professionals will plant your business result high up the pages of popular search engines and help drive traffic to your business time and time again. Come have a word with us over at Rikhav Infotech and we’ll help propel your business onwards and upwards.

Designs do matter

We’ve all been there at some point or the other; we look at a website and we go “wow, that design would create a vacuum if it sucked any more. I can design a better site!” Now while the second half of that statement might or might not be true, the first half of that statement certainly does hold true. There are still websites out there, believe it or not, that are stuck in the stone ages (read ’90s) when it comes to website design. No, we refuse to name and shame such websites but Google is your friend; just search for something like “horrible websites” and be ready to be stunned and repulsed as you peruse some of the most hideous website designs.

Laugh if you will at these websites, but websites such as these are no laughing matter. They say that the first impression is the last impression, and this is true of you in person (yes, you really need to get rid of that 2 week old stubble, it doesn’t make you look more manly) and is also true of your digital self.

After seeing a website “boasting” a psychedelic background and funky animations that seem frivolous, to say the least, what are the odds of you going back to said company to do business? Not much, we’d assume, and that’s being kind, which is why you need a professional to handle the designing or the redesign of your website. Rikhav Infotech is one of India’s fastest growing young IT companies and offers you the sort of website design you need to stay contemporary. We can make a number of websites for you, including:

Static Websites
Ecommerce Websites
Flash Websites 
Website Redesigning
Website Maintenance

So talk to us today and find out how we can help you maximize the impact of your home on the web.

Sep 8, 2010

Idea ideation

Your clients expect it of you; your investors need it from you; and you need it more than you might ever know you do. We are talking about the expression of an idea. From the channels of your mind onto a sheet of paper, computer design or full-blown presentation, putting your idea across just right is the key to success and the final hurdle. Failing to cross this will mean that your chances of success are greatly diminished and that conversely failure might be about to gleefully greet you with open arms.

Imagine if Hitler hadn’t managed to convince the German population of his ideas.

Imagine if Apple hadn’t thought of the iPod at a time when music players were an unknown commodity.

Imagine if Muhammad Ali hadn’t been crazy to believe in the idea that he was the best.

Imagine if Gandhi didn’t believe in the power of non-violence.

An idea is all it takes to change your life, and an idea is all it takes to spark your business into life and at every step of the way, Rikhav Infotech is there to help you put across your ideas in the best way possible. The beauty of all communication lies in its ease of understanding and its memorability, and Rikhav Infotech will always look to keep these two principles at the center of everything while creating a design or project to suit your needs. Our services include (but are not limited to):
•    2-D animation
•    3-D animation
•    Walkthroughs
•    Multimedia presentations

No matter what you’re thinking of, no matter what you’ve got on your mind, we can help you put it across in a manner that sees it resonate and connect with your target audience, even if that is no one else other than just yourself (in the case of a sketched or computer generated walkthrough). No idea is too small or too impossible for Rikhav Infotech, so do talk to us about your multimedia needs and sit back as we come through for you.

Sep 7, 2010

A dream team of your own

"It is often asked why you should outsource your business needs when you can go local for the same purpose. The answer to this lies in the fact that the internet and telecom revolution seen by the world in the last few decades has thrown us open to a whole new world of possibilities. No longer do you need to toil away on those extra tasks that take you away from your core competencies and that which really needs your attention. Think of it as assembling a dream team of businessmen, each of them capable of bringing something unique to the table. That, in a large nutshell, is where Rikhav Infotech comes in.

We are Rikhav Infotech, and we offer a host of solutions that cater to your needs no matter where in the world you may be located. Our ideas help to power your business on to the next level, all the while keeping in mind your needs and tailoring solutions to fit them. One size does not fit all, and we recognize that your business has some unique requirements. It’s this core principle and stern dedication to quality that has helped us to grow as a team while assisting business partners the world over perform and outperform year in and year out. Our expertise does not lie in just the field of development, although we most certainly do pride ourselves in our knowledge of programming languages as PHP/My SQL, ASP.NET and Ajax and how to best implement all of this in a simple and effective web design.

No, our strength lies instead in our constant attention to detail and our belief that nothing is impossible. We constantly converse with our clients just so that we can have our finger on their pulse, for what use is all of our collective knowledge if our clients cannot see any significant and tangible benefits from it? Being cost-effective is just one part of the equation, what differentiates us is our willingness, nay, eagerness to go the extra mile. Allow us to make you feel special; get in touch with Rikhav Infotech today."