Nov 7, 2010

Clearing the air on HTML5

In Previous post I wrote about HTML5 Changes. You might have enjoyed last post about how HTML5 has changed the webpage look.

HTML5 has clearly got the whole webosphere a buzz with confusion and discussions. A lot of hype also surrounds this new entrant in town. To put things in perspective HTML5 is the evolved version of the HTML which will aim to make web development and designing simpler and easier.

It offers a new array of functions which were earlier only possible with the help of plugins. These functions will help create rich interactivity for applications and websites across many screens. HTML5 is also gaining momentum in the tablet and smart phone development due to usage of the WebKit in the mobile devices.

While HTML5 is being worked upon yet there are a variety of ways in which users can make use of the new elements of the new face of HTML. Developers can make use of the new Header and Footer by making classes with same name and connecting them to divs in a page. The new elements of HTML5 can be used with the combination of CSS and JavaScript to make sure they are compatible with old browsers.

Web developers can make use of the forms of HTML 5 with the new element known as input. Developers should first expand their skills of technology their already know. Understanding the new functions of CSS3 is a good place to start. Watching out for the various Frameworks for JavaScript that are coming up is a good practice. One should also follow the developments through the means of the many blogs. and are among some of the guides available on the ’net to update you on html5. Browser support is the crucial factor this time around so developers should keep in their minds the platform that they are developing for.


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