Nov 9, 2010

Employee, Brand and the Social Media

For many organizations, companies and their brand managers the actions of their employees on the internet social sphere remains an untamed and daunting frontier. When employees are allowed to the new social web through the means of individual stories and internal messaging the company’s brand can be communicated successfully to the consumer.

There has been an increase in monitoring and strict policies for the social media behavior of the employees. This is due to the tales of caution from the early days of the social media which arose due to mixed and poor communication and stories that of indiscretion.

But slowly the businesses have woken up to the lost opportunities and the new avenues. Some of the perceptive brands have made changes to their ‘internal position’ on the activities of the employees on the webs social network. Many of the organizations have moved beyond the firings due to a Facebook ‘faux pas’. They are now actively involved in ways for the employees to make use of the social medium for personal as well as professional reasons.

There has been a huge change in attitude following the potential of the social media coming into the open. Brands are increasingly becoming proactive while encouraging the employees to express themselves, share opinions and thoughts while involving the brand. This change is positive and good news for the companies as well as the power of the internet in our lives.

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