Nov 16, 2010

Great Mobile Blogging platforms

The web services that we use today are evolving as we speak. They are becoming more multi functional and multi faceted especially when it comes to social media and networking. 

The debate is free flowing when it comes to demarcating what is and what isn’t part of a particular segment of the market. For instance, content and marketing have seen so many twists in the tale that it is no longer clear where blogging begins and as to where the networking finishes.

Softwares and utilities for the mobile interface have grown to become power assets in fulfilling a variety of tasks. A good example is the plethora of items which can be found in the App Store by Apple. With each passing day the iPhone and iPod touch supplies for download are increasing. Here we enlist and review some of the devices which are good for mobile blogging.

In the blogging space there are many which offer robust frameworks, invigorating designs and templates and are free for use. Some of the popular ones across the blogging sphere which boast of huge users include WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Tumblr and Live Spaces amongst many others. But only two out of these have official and native applications for iPod/ iPhone. There are WordPress and TypePad.

WordPress took the plunge after TypePad made itself at home in the mobile blogging scene. Both the mobile blogging platforms have garnered good reviews as of now. Both the platforms help in editing the blogs, posting and uploading photos. TypePad offers support for English as well as French.

The Micro blogging scene on the mobile platform is more expansive and intriguing. iTunes offers Twitterific, Twittelator and Twinkle for people who can’t do without tweeting. Twitterific is reliable and pleasant. There is a browser within the application which can be beneficial for those who frequently click on the URLs posted by their friends. The webpage loads in the inbuilt browser and once you have seen the webpage you can close the screen and continue tweeting. There is no need to toggle between two applications with twitterific.

Twinkle on the other hand is designed keeping aesthetics in mind. The application also adds a location feature so that you can converse with the users of a specific area. The application however crashes routinely. An update however is on the way to fix this.


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