Oct 29, 2010

Do you have the passport to branding?

Awareness is at the core of a great brand. Your passport to great branding online lies in the social media and the social networks. To have presence on some of the major social media sites such as facebook and twitter is a good investment in terms of time and effort. Twitter is an unparalleled social media site where one can build an audience of followers.

Twitter is also ideal for networking and keeping a tab on what others in your niche are up to. Its helps connect with readers as well as clients. One can always listen to what is being said about oneself and respond appropriately. Engaging and interacting with others helps build up audience. Facebook and MySpace are other social medium giants on the internet waiting to give you the much needed exposure.

Other mediums are photo sharing websites such as Flickr. For uploading videos keep a youtube account. Once the videos are uploaded you can share them on your blogs and websites. Social book marking sites such as digg.com and stumbleupon.com are great for voting. You can bookmark your posts at these websites and share with your friends and associates. Another good social book marking site is del.icio.us.

Multimedia sharing and socializing with the netizens is the way in which one can spread the word on a good brand. A word press account gives more power to your brand value. The benefit of wordpress.com is the opened benefits. For personal branding linkedin can be useful. Ultimately gmail.com is highly recommended for its capacity as a reader, docs, calendar and many more.


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