Oct 8, 2010

Are you following the latest trends at Twitter?

We have enough proof to say how social media is revolutionizing the web experience. Latest news also confirms the same as it reports that the average youth spends five to six hours a day on the internet. Twitter is at the core of this social media revolution with everyone finding an outlet to their emotions and daily babbling and banter.

Popular trends are one of the latest inclusions to the twitter fanfare. It is a great addition, which can display the entire buzz by someone popular at that moment. Like the presidential election speeches by president Obama generated a lot of buzz on the internet and on twitter. Hence similar subjects of wide spread discussion will show up as a popular trend which can be again tracked by many. This makes getting news and information which is the current rage globally.

But on the downside it has opened up new avenues and tactics in spamming. People with the hopes of making their discussion and articles part of the popular trends on twitter take interest in bombarding the twitter arena with their spam tweets. So this gives rise to a lot of non-popular and false trends in the popular list. Rikhav Infotech believes in fair usage of the social media as good content what ever the odds will bring in readers from far and wide while our optimizers leave no stone unturned in getting our websites to you.


umapoems said...

I'm new to twitter and your post teaches me something about it

Ur Life depends upon the choice u make..do read it and vote to support

swapnil said...

once a tweeple always a tweeple.:) twitter is incredile it can used in amazing ways... twitter lists are great to eaves drop on conversations in the twittersphere. it is a great way to build a brand as well.

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