Oct 10, 2010

Driving traffic with Social Bookmarking

The social websites such as facebook, twitter and orkut amongst many many others see no end to their dominance as they drive the world’s traffic. And its potential is slowly seeing a revolution in way business collaborates with the web.

One of the many outcomes is social bookmarking. Search engines are getting better and better in reading the minds of the users to provide them with well suited information. But the searches are many a times loaded with pesky adverts and useless sites. And sometimes the finding needed website is like searching a needle in a hay stack.

The new trend in the social media network is sharing websites and links with your friends. And all it takes is a click of a button. Take for example the hugely popular facebook. Many of the websites give you an option ‘like next to their content and blog posts. You simply click ‘like’ and the content is shared with all your friends. And if your friends like it they click ‘like’ and share it with their bunch of pals.

By this way of social bookmarking a popular post can easily make its way across half the world in lightning speed. We understand the potential of the social media and you would see that all our blogs and websites are engineered to the tune of the social media networks and search engines. The popularity of a blog and its garnered traffic is judged by the social media yardstick. So do want huge facebook fans and hoards of twitter followers come to Rikhav Infotech.


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