Oct 14, 2010

What happens when twitter fails?

Yes you need to be prepared for this. Twitter most of the times is very efficient and synonymous to its name the twittering activity never stops be it day or night. But at times this giant of a social medium goes over its maximum capacity. At this sad point in time all interaction comes to a stand still. One will not be able to read any tweets or publish any tweets.

When this happens the users are redirected to a page which displays a graphic image of a whale. This image was designed by graphic artist Yiving Lu. The users now refer to this image as the ‘fail whale’. Similar tactics are used by other international social mediums. This includes orkut which is a rage in countries like Brazil, Russia and India. When the traffic to orkut server breaches the limits the users are redirected to a page which reads no brownies for you. Such issues are usually rectified within minutes and you should be back to tweeting to your hearts content. As they say the buzz never dies!

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jude said...

that image of homer simpson is amazing

jalba said...

i hate seeing that image i always wondered what the story was behind it.. now i know

homy said...

i wud love to see homer simpson instead of that whale.

logan bueno aires said...

the graphic image is really good...i wonder what it stands for?

bored said...

i see it all the time what is so new

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