Oct 27, 2010

Live Journal growing stronger through the times

It was one of the free blogging platforms to first emerge on the scene. Live Journal was introduced by Brad Fitzpatrick of Danga Interactive in April of 1999. During the initial years this blogging community was accessible by invitation only but was later on available to one and all.

In the days before facebook Fitzpatrick used Live Journal to keep in touch with his old friends from high school. It started out as a fun project. It became very big for the likes of one person and soon the potential of Live Journal was realized and a team of engineers was promptly hired.

This blog community is refreshing and innovative. The website boasts of nearly 31.3 million communities and journals of users far and wide. And its network of journals receives hundred thousands of post every day. It seems to be growing only stronger in the changing times of the web.

The site is well tuned with the social media. You can log in to LJ using a twitter account. One can even repost their tweets (public) automatically here. LJ even has a mobile version which can be visited at m.livejournal.com. While Fitzpatrick continued working on the website in 2005 the website’s owner Danga Interactive was bought by Six Apart. The ownership of the website in 2007 again changed hands now to a Russian firm known as SUP. SUP even established the Live Journal Inc to look after the website.


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