Oct 25, 2010

Blogging with the world’s first online diary

The world’s favorite Microsoft Word dictionary continues to draw a red line under the words blogger and blog. But these words are the keys to many lives and businesses in the web world. They have been going strong since their debut in 2003.

The history of blogging is quite lengthy. The time of its start was unlike anything today. Then plaid was the style, a rock idol had passed away and internet was showing sparks of a revolution on the college campuses. As early as 1994 saw a college student by the name of Justin Hall start an online diary called Justin’s Links from Underground. Three years later this pioneer blogger gave the world the term weblog. And Peter Merholz later coined the term blog from it.

And today the web is abuzz with millions of bloggers who write on everything under the sun. Open diary was a first in forming a community of online journal keepers. It was founded by Bruce Ableson in 1998. Here the users could reach other people’s write ups and even comment on the posts. The website has five million accounts and counting. Currently half of a million diares are being written on this community.


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