Oct 7, 2010

Helping create stunning Logos

A logo is not just a doodle with a tag line but it is a mark of how a brand is recognized the world over. A logo is at the core of branding. It is how the common public recognizes a brand. A great logo manages to captivate the audience and creates an emotional bond. Rikhav Infotech in its logo designing endeavors aims to create an ideal representation of a company’s values, ethics and culture.

We design and develop a logo keeping the philosophy of the company topmost in our heads. Circumspection of the company’s core values, aims, goals and ethics helps us design a logo which beckons praises and attention.

Rikhav Infotech harbors a competent team of creative developers and graphic designers who are well versed with designing the effectual logo. Experience is required to create a stimulating and engaging logo. Our dedicated team of designers works on a single and specific project at a time. Chances of a boring or mundane design are a rarity. The resultant design is the effort of a team of several heads. We believe is quick work so we create simplistic, easy to remember and unique logos which do not take long to create.

Check the wide array of websites and businesses which proudly bear our custom designed logos with élan and pride. Come add value to your brand and join hands with the market leader, Rikhav Infotech!


Darshan Beloshe said...

I am trying to make a logo which is very unique and which i will put it on each of my profiles such like twitter, Facebook and other business profiles where i am gonna publish my new thought and updates to my customers. Logo does make big impact on the market identity.

Arav Tripathi said...

By seeing on bottom logos it seems the creativity of designing. But rather than providing information about your own services, you should write here how can be done it. Isn't it? I am a bit keen here.

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