Oct 12, 2010

How to get a top 30 ranking in the Search Engines?

All the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, bing and MSN are where the major battles of the web are fought. It’s here that some websites are crowned kings while others bite the dust. When users search for information similar to the website hosted by you, being a top 30 website increases the visitor traffic to your site. This can translate into more revenue and sponsors.

Users look for quick information and usually one of the top thirty search results are able to satisfy them. So if you are not one of the top searches it reduces your visibility on the web scene which affects business. A plan of action is decided after reviewing the current ranking for the website which includes preparing a list of keywords and checking the strategies of the competitors.

The ‘key’ words

Our experts can very well ensure that in a short span of time your website will rank among the top thirty listings of search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc when you enlist our services. To optimize your web site for the search engines we will derive an expansive list of keywords which the target audience can make use of. These keywords would be centered on the information provided by you and will decide the traffic and the fate of your website.

A link to the world

Based on a variety of factors and the regulations of the search engines we will decide on a strategy which will be aimed at optimizing the website for the search engine. We provide great internet marketing in the form of link building. We connect your website with various others and the relevant web directories all over the web to drive traffic and visitors to your site. This helps achieve a superior ranking on the Google search engine.

For a successful optimization and Google ranking many reasons can come to play. The time taken to achieve results depends upon the current state of the website, competition and rivals and the niche. A website can be successfully optimized to be a top ranking site and can take three to ten months time.

Our promise

We are professionalism personified with monthly statistics to note the improvement and magnitude of traffic to the website. These statistics helps understand the visitor’s interest in the website and the ranking of the website by the search engines. Give your website wings to soar to the top of the search engine ranks with Rikhav Infotech to guide you there. Come see the difference.


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